My Working Experience in Business

I also provided ideas about advertising and furniture design. Running a business became art by itself for me. I felt more interested in learning to run a business that makes good money promoting art, than doing artistic work alone. While the work experience developed my interest in business, I believe that the Business and Economics program offered by the University of California would provide me the essential knowledge needed to pursue a business career to the next level.
As a person who grew up as an aspirant of art, innovation and communication skills will be the two most significant personal attributes that I will bring to the University of California. I believe that my work experience as a sale representative where I was involved in renovating the product lines and the showroom, has demonstrated my ability to introduce and implement new ideas. On the other hand, my experience as an officer of the International Business Club at the Mountain Sac College also enabled me to develop the communication skill needed for a successful career in the business world.
When I first started working for the furniture store as a trainee, I was in fact among a group of young people who were hired to bring new ideas to an aging business. At that time, my boss just inherited the store from his uncle. He was trying to revive the fortune of a furniture store whose products were big, well-crafted, durable, but not attractive to new and young customers. To better understand the need for young customers, my boss decided to hire a group of young people, including myself, to give him a new direction of improving his business. Since I did not have any sales or office experience, I was hired as an apprentice. My boss not only wanted me to learn about crafting skill but also made good use of my artistic background to help him refresh our furniture design philosophy.&nbsp.&nbsp.