Multidisciplinary Working in Child Protection

Because of the complexity of the people, agencies, and organizations involved in the area of child protection, it is normal to encounter several barriers in the implementation of activities and in the performance of duty. Since we are dealing with a complex situation where voluntary and statutory agencies must work together in the area of child protection, barriers may exist at different levels. Barriers may exist along with the following aspects: first, we must consider the individuals involved in the situation, second, we must consider the nature, culture, and values of the agencies involved and third, we must consider the laws and the mandates given to certain agencies and authorities. To get a better picture of the complexities of multi-agency and multidisciplinary working in child protection, let us tackle these barriers one by one.

It cannot be denied that individuals involved come from different cultures and backgrounds. Each of these individuals has their own set of professional values, culture, beliefs and even some preconceived notions and prejudices. If you bring different types of people together to work for a common goal, there is a big possibility that conflicts will arise. Note that since these people come from different types of professions, it cannot be avoided that people will place different values of status that may cause tension in the group. According to Robinson and Cottrell (2005) cited in Appendices 3 pp. 15 -16), each profession has a sense of own hierarchy that when you put different people of the different professions are put together, there may be confusion when it comes to status and hierarchy. Furthermore, since there are different standards of pay employed by different agencies, there is a big possibility that people who feel that they are receiving lesser pay than the others in the group would not be inclined to put in equal efforts with the rest of the group.

Tension in&nbsp.the group would often amplify when the goal set is unrealistic and the roles of the people involved in not well defined.