Motiation Questionnnaire overview Draft

Motivation Questionnaire Overview Questionnaire for Deriving Elicit Information about Human Motivation in a Work Situation Dear Respondents, The survey is conducted for an assignment at Franklin University. Your responses would be immensely valuable to derive required understanding about the aspect of human motivation. It would require around 15-20 minutes of your time and your answers would be kept confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.
Questionnaire for Respondents:
Please tick accordingly:
1. I am a Male
2. Please Specify your Age:
Below 20
21 to 30
31 to 50
Above 50
3. Please Select your Education Level:
Primary Level
Secondary Level
Graduate Level
Post Graduate Level
4. Please Specify your Marital Status:
5. Please Select your Income Range Accordingly (per month):
Less than US $1500
Between US $1600 to $3000
Between US $3100 to $4500
More than Us $5000
6. Kindly mention your Job Position within the Organization
7. According to you among salary, job position and job security what element motivates you the most in the organization? Please Specify Any One.
8. According to you what are the aspects that you would like to change within the organization among work schedule and work culture? Please Specify Any One
9. If you were one of the members of the top level management of the organization what among changes in work schedule, work culture, remuneration structure and reward recognition would you like to change? Please Specify Your Option.
10. According to McGregors Theory X and Theory Y, it has been stated that an average human being tends to innate dislike for work and would elude it if possible. Do you agree with the stated statement? State Yes or No.
11. Theory X and Y also states that people are inherently selfish and they must be drove, controlled and directed along with threatened with punishment in order to fulfill the organizational needs and goals. Do you agree with the statement? State Yes or No. ___________________________________________________________________________
12. It has been stated that aspects such as bonus and incentive help in motivating an employee. State Yes or No.
13. Do you think that a lack of proper training and recruitment process at times results in poor performance within the organization? State Yes or No.
14. Has there been any recent changes in the working process and working culture within the organization that have affected the motivational aspects within the employees? State Yes or No
15. According to you, is the top level management of the organization taking effectives measures to motivate the employee through providing rewards, recognition and better work place culture?. State Yes or No
Please select the aspect you think is the most appropriate one according to you:
Completely Agree
I am Not Sure
Strongly Disagree
16. Salary Increments Given to Employees who Perform their Tasks Very Well Motivate them
17. Financial Incentives are Superior than Non-Financial Incentives for Motivation
18. Good Working Condition Also Acts As A Motivation Generating Factor
19. Visibility with Top level Management Often Motivates Employees
20. Do you Find Opportunity for Growth in the Organization
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Thank You!
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