Models of Software Development Methods

Waterfall modelThe Waterfall or linear sequential model suggests the development of the system through a systemic sequential approach. “Through this approach, we start with the analysis of the system, after that we design, code, and test the system for potential operations” (Pressman). “In this method, each step has definite opening and ending point, with particular deliveries to the subsequent phase” (Als and Greenidge).&nbsp.Human resource needed This project requires fewer human resources for the overall development of the project. Here through this model, we can develop the overall system with a small development team. Because this model works in a sequence and the second phase can only be completed after the successful completion of the first phase (Sage, Andrew and &amp. Palmer).Development resources neededThis software development methodology involves fewer people for the overall development of the project, so we also need fewer resources for the overall project development (Pressman).Development domain This development methodology is used for the project of small or medium size and having long or sufficient time constraints.Advantages (Pressman)

  • Fewer resources (hardware) needed
  • Less human resource involved
  • Best for small projects
  • Less complex structure
  • Useful for research projects because research needs step by step procedures.
  • Oldest and most used software development methodology
  • Testing is intrinsic to every stage of the waterfall model (Als and Greenidge)
  • This model is documentation driven, do the documentation is created at every phase (Als and Greenidge)

Weakness (Sommerville)

  • The real process follows the sequential model
  • Any error in the system development will remain unrented throughout the development life cycle
  • Customer cannot state each requirement at a time
  • The customer has to wait until the completion of the project for the working version of the system
  • It is not able to manage a complex and larger project

It only integrates iteration ultimately, therefore modifications may cause substantial uncertainty as the project development (Als and Greenidge)