Mission and Vision Statement

Teacher Mission and Vision ment: Veterans Affairs Strength Veteran Affairs (VA) coverage of service is comprehensive and covers all those who have served in one of the seven uniformed services who met the length of service and character of discharge requirements prescribed by law. Its coverage include Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, Traumatic Injury Protection, 59 the Post-9/11 GI-Bill, and the VA home loan program. The coverage of Veteran Affairs’ services extend to eligible survivors, spouses, dependents, and parents Veterans, as well as caregivers of certain disabled Veterans. In the VA’s strategic plan, the institution intend to make the quality and accessibility of benefits that would optimize value that would make it people-centric, results driven and forward looking.
The recent debacle about Obamacare that led to government shutdown presented the vulnerability of Veteran Affairs because it is one of the government agencies where some of its services were affected by furloughed civilians. Many beneficiaries are also complaining that their pensions are no longer enough to cover their daily cost of living.
The recent political debacle is a huge opportunity for the agency to look for ways where its services can be insulated by external factors such as the political debacle of the Republicans and Democrats over Obamacare that led to the federal government’s shutdown. It also highlighted the need for the agency to have other source of funding such as investments so that it is not totally dependent from the funding of the federal government.
External threat such as government wrought by political bickering was not anticipated by those who framed the strategic plan of VA and made the agency vulnerable to it that its other services were such as commissaries to family and survivor because of the furloughed civilians. While the funding of the VA is appropriated a year in advance, similar political debacle that would stretch for a long time could affect the funding of VA.
New Vision and Mission for Veterans Affairs
The existing vision and mission of Veterans Affairs is curt but contains the essence of taking care of veterans. Its mission reads.
To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise
While its vision reads.
“To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan”
The wordings however are already inappropriate for today’s modern times and it is no longer responsive to the present needs. It now appears to be simplistic to the point of being naïve. A mission of taking care of fulfilling President Lincoln’s promise can mean a lot of things except when delineated by its vision that says to care those who were in battle, his widow and orphans. It is better to rephrase its wordings to make it abreast with the realities of the time as well as integrate those vulnerabilities identified in the SWOT analysis.
Its new vision and mission should be.
To take care of every Veterans and their dependents
To make the Veterans Affairs responsive to the needs of the veterans and their dependents making the agency capable of dispensing this duty regardless of external factors.