Military Capabilities Against Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations

The research objective is to determine if additional U.S. military capabilities brought to bear against Mexican DTOs would increase interdiction effectiveness and reduce the flow of drugs into the United States across the Southwest Border.This research is based on one significant assumption: Namely, that interdiction at the border will have a positive impact on the penetration of DTOs into American society, the profitability of the drug trade, and the level of drug use in the United States. There are other approaches to the problem. Some groups advocate legalization, others focus on the demand side and advocate more treatment programs for users and abusers of illegal drugs. On the supply side diplomatic pressure on the countries that produce the drugs or assistance to their military and police organizations to increase their effectiveness. This proposal assumes that enhanced interdiction efforts on the Southwest border will negatively impact Mexican DTOs and reduce the use of illegal drugs within the United States.The most important term to be defined is Military Support for Civilian Law enforcement Agencies (MSCLEA). The recent text defines it as technical assistance rendered to civilian law enforcement agencies. This can include military resources that are not available to civilians such as aerial surveillance, technical assistance with these resources, and tactical advice. It does not include actual law enforcement powers. (Sergienko, 2006, p. 395)United States Northern Command (USNORCOM) defines MSCLEA as precluding members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps from direct participation in a search, seizure, arrest, or other similar activity unless participation in such activity by such member is otherwise authorized by law. (USNORCOM)In law the restrictions on MSCLEA are outlined in U.S. Code TITLE 10 gt. Subtitle A gt. PART I gt. CHAPTER 18—MILITARY SUPPORT FOR CIVILIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES and U.S. Code TITLE 18 gt. PART I gt. CHAPTER 67 gt. § 1385.