Migrants and Rights

The Constitution of the United States gives the members of the U.S.A the right to acquire education and healthcare.The Immigration Reform and Control Act in the US was followed by the introduction of many anti-immigrant bills. These bills made it much more difficult for undocumented immigrants to acquire services. In California for instance, an extreme measure was taken to disqualify undocumented immigrants from acquiring healthcare and education. This measure led to other states taking up the similar measures. This measure was aimed at reducing the population of immigrants in the states as less people would be willing to move into regions where they cannot acquire critical services such as healthcare. Moreover, through attacking this vulnerable group of immigrants, the California state made the living conditions for immigrants in the region worse thus this may have led to some of the immigrants moving back into their state of origin.
Employees have the right to form unions that would advocate for their interests for instance increase in salaries and better working conditions. Undocumented immigrants majorly acquire employment in labor intensive sectors. These include agriculture, food processing, garment production, transportation and domestic services. They tend to acquire less benefits and fewer rights. Immigrants find it difficult to fight for their rights through forming unions to strive for better pay because they may acquire sanctions from their employers which make it difficult to acquire future employment.