Microsoft Office 2010 inDepth

There are many advantages of MS Office Applications. One of the advantages of MS Office is that it has all the components that may be required for use within a classical office. Other than having the vast number of features, MS Office has no corrupt files in addition to the fact that the auto-recovery function can be used in making sure that any document is not lost to its entirety (Habraken 10). Even though MS Office has various advantages, there are some demerits or drawbacks associated with the same. For instance, MS Office has compatibility problems. There are versions that are not compatible with some operating systems.
Discussion 2
No. of Members
Eggs per Member
Total Number of Eggs
The above table was derived from excel. The Excel was used to find out the total number of eggs for breakfast depending on the number of members of the family present in a given day. Each family member needs to consume 2 eggs for breakfast. Therefore, a function was developed to find out the total number of eggs that would be required as the number of family members change. The formula was to multiply the number of family members and the eggs per member. {=(A*b)}
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