Submitted by: XXXXXX Number: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX of XXXXX Jung Typology Test The Jung Typology Test has been a very interesting and enlightening assessment. I have enjoyed this assessment a lot and my experience has been very insightful. I found it a little long to complete however the result at the end was worth the wait. My test results show that my type is ENFJ, i.e. Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. The results to some extent are very true. I however got a surprise when the character of the ENFJ people portrays, being manipulative of others with the excellent interpersonal skills and the unique salesmanship. This came as a major surprise to me, as I have never realized that this is a part of my character. This feature is true however has gone unnoticed throughout my life.
The results show that in an organization I will be very decisive and that I am a very organized person. This along with my strong interpersonal skills together will prove to be my strengths in an organization. I believe, and as confirmed by the test, I have the excellent entrepreneurial abilities and have the ability to juggle between numbers of responsibilities. This I believe is my biggest strength and is my mode of opportunity in a workplace as well. One of the other features that the test has brought out is the fact that I follow the open door policy and am ready to be interrupted by other admits my work. I provide undivided attention, and this I think will be very useful in a work place.
One of the few things that I might have a problem with includes my sensitive nature and my “thinner psychological boundaries”. Truly as an individual I tend to go out of the way to help others and in a number of cases, I tend to get into trouble because people tend to take advantage of me. This I feel will be one of the biggest issues that I might face in an office environment.
In order to improve my overall managerial competence, I believe that I need to practice being stronger and need to learn to say ‘No’. This I can achieve by taking up the self improvement courses and with the help of my friends and family. I will also practice this in all aspects of life so that I do not become a push over and people do not take advantage of me. In conclusion I feel that this assessment of my nature and personal managerial competence is very accurate. The ENFJ category of people are referred to as, ‘the Caregivers’, which I feel is a true portrait of my nature. This assessment has brought out the best of my qualities as well as the biggest of my weaknesses and has provided me with a chance to learn and improve myself so as to be a successful manager. The assessment has provided me with criticism in a very clear manner and leads me to learn the areas I need improvements in. Overall this has been a very useful test.