Methodology rationale of a lesson plan

This is followed by detailed analysis or the lesson plan and peculiarities of students’ perception of material and attitude to learning, their interests and cooperation during the lesson. Also there will be suggested an action plan for my self-improvement and advance in my future teaching skills. Final point of my paper includes brief conclusion on done work.
Primarily, I want to pay attention that my lesson is designed for young students. They are Libyan and their appropriate age is from 16 to 19. The topic of the lesson is Life Stories. The lesson contain the story about doctor who leave his son burial to save life of unknown boy, precisely listening a rude and angry perturbation of his father. Hence, the story is totally edifying and provides a great example of execution of duty no matter what. Moreover, given text teaches respect and politeness even in stressed situations. These are serious and important moral categories, discussing which will be useful affair for young generation. Their age induces them to think over some eternal notions together with sense of life and people’s behaviour. This is the age of self-identification in the world and understanding of who you are. So topic Life Stories with a big moral purport I consider to be highly appropriate for these learners. It more or less matches with their interests and pretends to be interesting for students.
The learners are 10 in number. It is a suitable amount what gives an opportunity to tell your own opinion for everybody, and to discuss the main important points of the topic in pairs and with the full class.
Learners study language at their private school for ten years. English is a part of their syllabus so they study General English. Level of knowledge of these Libyan students is intermediate. As there was no verbal part in the exam process for them, they mostly concentrated on the structural form of the language avoiding the meaning and use of them as a result. they are good at writing and