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Message Board Posting Over the past few years, the transition to adulthood has been more stretched for younger generations in United States. Financial liberty and steady work with benefits is not common in youth today as it was for their parents’. This point to generational declines in conservative measures of any civic engagement: such as voting and party politics. Apparently, social change is a historical phenomenon that is created by collective decisions and actions of people, such as the choices that youth make about their own lives which is associated with the kind of society that they collectively construct (Weinstein, 120).
In respect to social change and the polity, there has been tremendous involvement of youths in goals that promote common good. For instance, they have shown interest in current affairs, environmental politics, volunteers work in their given communities and lifestyle politics. It is to this regard that although the United State society is said to be considerably pessimistic, a lot of people have a pressing will to turn around the society however, little it may be. This is because they have discovered that the government is not interested in the problems that are affecting its citizens (Wegener, 76).
Through this wave of social change, the youth have a strong desire to challenge the status quo that views them as setback rather than the response to their problems. In contrary to this the older adults tent to worry more about their families and their source of income. Certainly, people have continually reduced their participation in politics as it shows risk of losing making enemies, losing jobs or even sustaining physical injuries especially in political rallies. In essence people now prefer taking individual responsibility as compared to collective action especially when it comes to addressing social problems (Wegener, 74).
On the contrary, people of the United States have slowly accepted the fact that most of the problems they are experiencing are as a result of not been able to work collectively as a team. Collective action is necessary especially in a state like this, politically and socially. People must have the will take a stand for what they believe in order to have a changed society (Weinstein 124).
I have participated in several political demonstrations. However, a memorable is a demonstration that was held to push on the government to offer health insurance for all its citizens. The issue was principally on giving insurance covers to all citizens under the payment of the government itself to ensure a balanced and healthy state.
The goals of the political demonstration were three. First was to ensure that the secretary of state would receive the grievances and hand them over to the president. Second was to show that people were angered by the discrimination that had been rampant in the health sector to the point of doctors not treating people who had no medical covers. Third was to show that we were in solidarity as a people to what we believed were part of our rights.
Through this demonstration, the government was able to know what its citizens were going through, and a consensus was created to come up with a committee which would look at health insurance thoroughly and come up with a resolution. I intend to become a member of the human rights movement in future. This is because I want to live in a country where the rights of people are respected. Human rights are crucial in life.
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