Match the following in the box

Dietary formulas that contain only one or two


Match the following in the box

Dietary formulas that contain only one or two


Dietary formulas that contain macronutrients that have been partially or fully hydrolyzed

General purpose dietary formulas that contain intact proteins and polysaccharides

Feeding tubes inserted through the nose

An opening into the GI tract through which a feeding tube can be passed

Type of nutrition support in which the nutrient concentrations do not need to be limited

Refers to the moles of osmotically active solutes ( or osmoles) per kilogram of solvent

Large diameter veins close to the heart

Parenteral solution that contains dextrose amino acids and lipids

Type of nutrition support that usually has a maximum of 900 mOsm/L

Failure of more than one organ system that occurs during intensive care; often resus in death

Metabolic responses of the immune system to infection or injury

Physiological response to injury bleeding or infection that is characterized by inadequate blood perfusion; associated with reduced blood pressure; raised heart and respiratory rates and muscle weakness

A disruption in the body’s chemical environment due to the effects of disease or injury; characterized by changes in metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure, hormonal status and nutrient metabolism

Changes in body chemistry resuing from infection, inflammation, or injury characterized by aerations in plasma proteins

A. Modular Formula

B. Hydrolyzed Formula

C. Transnasal

D. Standard Formula

E Enterostomy

F. Central veins

G. Peripheral parenteral nutrition

H. Osmolality

I. Total parenteral nutrition

J. Total nutrient admixture

K. Inflammatory response

L. Acute phase response

M. Shock

N. Metabolic stress

O. Muiple Organ Failure