Master Draftsman Leonardo da Vinci

These little works collected with his notepads, which comprise drawings, methodical diagrams, and his opinions on the nature of painting, encompass an involvement to later generations of artists only matched by that of his fashionable, Michelangelo.
Leonardo is inverted to his technical inventiveness as he hypothesized flying machines. Moderately little of his projects were built and some were viable during his lifetime. Returning to the Guild of St Luke, Leonardo consumed two years while crafting and painting a fresco of the combat of Anghiari for the Signori an as Michelangelo designing its confidant piece (Bambach &amp. Manges, 2003).
According to the post, Leonardo’s work is more than what is just represented as most of the drawings looks more than just a drawing but supernatural. His intelligence in many fields of the study showed how great he was talented. Thus, he remains the most talented and skilled artist to ever lived.