Mark Pinsky religious comparing to the movie Finding Nemo

n of the world of Walt Disney in order to assess the ways in which the philosophies have formed a value system and informed culture, through children, on how to values into human experience. However, in the postmodern world some of the concepts that originated the Disney belief system have been challenged as prejudices and stereotypes are being broken and a new system of acceptance through intellectual assessment of the gray areas has begun to emerge. Through an examination of the film Finding Nemo, the theories that Pinsky has presented can be assessed and understood, while addressed through the postmodern cultural constructs that are challenging the good and evil paradigm.
The history of Walt Disney is constructed from myth, the propagation of which is intended to extend the brand in order to build the business end of his career. Despite the incredible talent with which Disney created his world, he also had the business sense to understand that through image, his world could become an empire. Therefore, it is the myth of the man that is as important as the fantasies of the stories. The myths even extend to a ‘resurrection’ myth as there is a belief that he has been cryogenically preserved for the day when he will be revived by future advances in science.
An analytical take on the nature of religion can be seen through a dual purpose structure in which belief and power are achieved by spreading philosophy in order to perpetuate the status of a leader. Power has come from the economic success of the company, the branding successful to the point of the construction of a socially mythic set of icons that promote consumption. Belief, through the Disney experience can be appreciated through two different sets of concepts. The first can be observed in the belief that is seen through the eyes of small children as they watch the magic of Disney animation, their trust in the sweetness, villainies, and triumphs of the characters building a sympathetic resonance that