Managing Classroom Behavior and Discipline

Success establishment of these rules and group discussions should be considered. Each and every student’s opinion must be reflected and then discussed thoroughly. A list of these rules is finally written down and pinned in the classroom for everyone to refer to (Frei 2007, 55). The teacher should encourage interactive teamwork between the students. These set of rules mainly involves negotiable rules and non-negotiable rules. The teacher usually states non-negotiable rules, but they should not be discriminative. They include observing the start and finish time of the lesson, full participation in class and preparedness of the learners. Negotiable rules may include switching off phones or eating in class.
After the establishment of ground rules, awareness must be created to students on the measures to be taken if they override them. This should be very clear and must be enforced by the agreement and subsequent adherence to the rules. Encouraging group work and teamwork in class highly improves the supportiveness of the student towards each other (Frei 2007, 77). It also establishes mutual respect between the learners and towards the teacher. This directs positive thinking and makes learning interesting which has an overall positive result on the course and education at large.