Management Theorists have tried to form general principles of management which could be applied to all businesses and organisations Based on your own experience of working in an organization/business use one management theoretical approach that you ha

One of these theorists, Maslow, has supported that human needs can be put in hierarchy. needs of each level should be addressed only if needs of the previous level have been covered (Drucker 2012). Current paper explores the practical implications of a particular management theory: the Hierarchy of Needs theory of Maslow. The potentials of this theory to be used in practice are explored referring, as an example, to the case of Men’s Sheds Association. The most common management theories are also discussed, as they could also be used in explaining daily organizational practices.
The Irish Men’s Shed Association (IMSA) is an organization that supervises Sheds developed ‘in communities and organizations’ (IMSA 2012) across Ireland. Sheds that are members of IMSA need to be aligned with IMSA’s rules and mission as described in the organization’s website. The key mission of IMSA is ‘to support the development of SEDs across Ireland’ (IMSA 2012). Moreover, the above organization is based on certain rules, which could be described as follows: a) ethics and equality are highly valued and respected, b) team-working is supported while initiatives are welcomed, c) individuals, as members of each shed, should be encouraged to share their ideas and knowledge and to continuously try to develop themselves (IMSA About 2012). The lack of self-esteem and the lack of motivation for participating in professional/ economic and social activities seem to be key problems for men in Ireland (IMSA About 2012). IMSA is asked to help men in Ireland to face these challenges and to increase their potentials and capabilities. It should be noted that IMSA is a non-for-profit organization and treats its members equally. Still, the organization seems unable to effectively control the activities of all its members in regard to the promotion of IMSA’s rules and standards. It is suggested that a series of ethical standards would be introduced for helping leaders in IMSA