Make up Journals

If the economy remains in a recession for an extended period of time then it will significantly impact people like me in terms of getting a job. In order to have a successful career, it is important to secure a job that has many opportunities for promotion or career extension. The debt ceiling is growing higher every year, and it will affect my generation the most because we will have to deal with it in the long term.
As a college student, I understand the need for taking out student loans to pay for tuition fees. Education is a really important sector of society, so there needs to be a way to encourage as many people as possible to go onto higher education. If student loans are unaffordable, then this will impact on me and my peers’ ability to pay them back in a short space of time. As a knock-on effect, this will restrict career growth and ultimately lead to a workforce that lack experience and qualifications.
The United States was founded on immigration, and the issue is just as relevant today as it has been throughout the history of this country. As an immigrant myself, I want to see immigration laws relaxed so that it is easier for foreigners to emigrate here. With many of the baby boomers retiring, there will be a space in the job market, and it will be up to immigrants to help fill this role. I understand what it is like to leave one’s own native land and move to a foreign place full of expectation. In the coming years, the issue of immigration will only become more important, so it is important that the politicians place a high priority on it.
Finally, for my generation the issue of climate change will be very important because of the long-term implications that it can have for the globe. The effects of Hurricane Sandy show that global warming is only going to get worse in the coming years, so the politicians need to create a clear policy on how to deal with the issue. My generation will have to face the consequences of actions