Major Components of a Cover Letter

What is most important to highlight as you briefly overview your skills?
The most important highlight would be emphasizing skills that enhance one’s strengths and core competencies above the rest of the applicants vying for the same position (Ferrett, 2002). The skills set should perfectly match the professional skill requirements stipulated for the position. For me, dedication and the mental strength to never give up on education after several years of inactivity is a characteristic that employers want to see. Likewise, I am also partially blind. but this would not preclude me from pursuing desired positions that exhibit my competitive advantage.

What are one or two accomplishments you can add to your cover letter? Give an example
One or two accomplishments that can be added to one’s cover letter could include (1) proficiency in foreign languages. and (2) cultural awareness through travels abroad. These accomplishments would be most useful in positions requiring cultural awareness needed for a diverse clientele and for specified international assignments. Likewise, these accomplishments would be considered plus factors for positions that require competencies in other languages due to the need to communicate effectively to diverse clients from other racial or ethnic backgrounds.