Main Aspects of Professional Development

I was able to elaborate on the legal, ethical and safety matters of the project which mainly focused on the information system. I was able to show the correlation between the issue of ethics and privacy in the information systems and indicated the recommendations of ensuring that ethics, legal and safety measures of the information system were upheld.
Fortunately, my understanding of the role did not change throughout the project. The reason is that from the start, I knew that my role as one of the team specialists would be to research matters regarding legal, safety and ethical matters in the information system. This was the role I took up throughout the entire project and the role did not change at all. I was able to do what I do best and this led to the smooth flow of the entire project (Paul, C.D., et al 2005). Moreover, considering that every team member played their part, I think we did exceptionally well as a team. Teamwork is about working together and ensuring that everyone takes their role seriously and creates time for the team. In addition, every group member embarked on serious research on the allocated duty thus ensuring that the project was based on facts and previous researches conducted. This made us function better as a team.
We always responded to questions that every team member came up with to the best of our knowledge to ensure that we helped each other for the best results of the team. This made the team more us stronger together as a team than if we assigned the entire project individually. The reason is that specializing in one assigned role makes room for thorough and deeper research and this made us learn about each other’s topics. This happened when we met at the scheduled time to find out the progress that each team member had made and if any team member had any burning questions that needed to be addressed. In this case, I learned a lot from my fellow team members including the qualities of a good team leader.