LP7 Leadership

Teacher What type of power was used by the effective leader? The ineffective leader? Did the effective leader emphasize a task-oriented or relationship-oriented style? What about the ineffective leader? Explain your impression of each leader.
The leader used the idealized power which means that he exercises his power through the idealized influence he exerts on his follower. He was so respected that his followers wanted to be like him that his followers do anything he does or say.
Ineffective leaders on the other hand use threat and punishment to exercise power. He move people to action by coercing them that they he will punish them if they will not follow what he says.
The effective leader used a mixture of relationship and task oriented leadership style. He treated us well and fairly but never lost sight of the goal that we have to achieve. The ineffective leader is solely task-oriented or what we call slave driver. He moves his people through treat and coercion and does not care what followers feel or think of him.
2- Where did each of the leaders fit on The Leadership Grid?
How did the effective leader come across to followers–as a humble person serving others? Ego centered and self-serving? Charismatic and visionary? Transformational or transactional?
The effective leader fits on the transformational grid because through his example and leadership his followers also wanted to be better and also to become a leader like him. He also does not coerce nor intimidate but rather inspires his followers.
3- How did the ineffective leader come across to followers?
The ineffective leader comes across to his followers as ego centered and self-serving. Ego centered because his followers think that he gets satisfaction from driving people to work like slaves. He is self-serving because he does not care how his followers feel.