Love by Toni Morrison

The formative part of her childhood was spent in storytelling, songs, and folk tales.
The central theme for all of Morrison’s novels is the experiences of the black American people in an unjust society, in which her characters struggle among themselves to find their cultural identity. Her deft use of fantasy and poetic style, with a rich interweaving of her characters, gave her novels great strength and a fine texture, that makes her one of the outstanding authors of her time.
Morrison’s new novel “Love” is set against the background of the segregated black oceanfront community of the South with the less glamorous modern black communities and unravels the story of six women who are obsessed with love, for the owner of a fabulous and exotic seaside resort that once attracted the rich and the famous to its shores. The person in question is none other than Bill Cosey, who means many different things to different people. He is the sun, around which the lives of all these women revolve.
“Love”, is an awesome novel and can be described as “human drama at its best”. Though Bill Cosey is the fulcrum around which his women revolve, yet the novel deals with the interaction between his women who are lovable, mysterious and timeless.