Letter to Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Advertising

In the past few months, a couple of our key personnel at the Roanoke branch have left us. To nip this trend in the bud, I would need your assistance in tracking the root cause of turnover in order to stop any further loss of valuable employees. I would specifically need your help with the following:
One-on-one interviews with individual employees
Detailed surveys of client satisfaction and feedback including details of complaints filed recently
Access to financial reports, policies, and procedures in place and practice
Copies of farewell interviews with employees that have left in the past year
The complete organizational chart and salary structure in place, as well as compensation policy being used
We will discuss how increased employee productivity can lead to better client service.
I plan to be at your office on the morning of 19 April 2011. I would appreciate very much if you could make available the items previously mentioned soon and send them to my office so that we are all on the same page from the outset. Please feel free to get back to me with your suggestions or queries.
I look forward to seeing you and your team.
Susan Frost
Vice-President HR