Launching Green Products in Kuwait

To discuss in-depth what green is, nevertheless, there are a number of issues that needs to be covered first so that there will be a proper understanding of what ‘green’ means and why it is necessary to ‘go green’. After an in-depth discussion on the most important issues surrounding the term ‘green’ and indeed what ‘green products’ are, the paper will look at how Kuwait as a nation can launch the products in the country.
One of the topics worth mentioning when it comes to going green is pollution. Pollution refers to the introduction or hazardous compounds into the environment. During the industrial revolution, there was the development in the transport industry and manufacturing that saw the commercial use of fossil fuels. Initially, firewood was the most commonly used fuel. When the industries were incepted, it became a necessity to develop a kind of fuel that produced more heat per unit mass, the best choice was coal. The fuel became a favorite in industries and other sectors such as the transport sector that used the fuel to heat water that was supposed to produce steam. The steam was used for turning the wheels of a locomotive. In no time, the pollution levels hit a record high as industrialization revolution continued in more and more countries. Today, pollution is among the many things that have shaken the world. Factories are dumping waste in water endangering marine life and affecting important sectors such as agriculture. Other than the water bodies, there has been the emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere that, also, has affected a lot of lives today.
When factories emit gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide into the environment, the gases lead to some of the most destructive phenomena such as acid rain which destroys plants and property. Other than this, the gases lead to the most famous effect of pollution, the