Kurds’ SelfDetermination

The first attempt to solve the issue begun with the creation of a Kurdistan state. During its brief existence the Republic a lot of reforms. These reforms were aimed at promoting ideas of for secularism, modern education and woman’s emancipation. However, Kurgistan did not exist for a long time. The Republic stopped its existence after the evacuation of British and Soviet troops. This measure led the central government to suppress the Republic and execute Qazi Mohammad. After execution of Qazi Mohammad, the republic continued to experience a further suppression and continued oppression of the Kurdish identity. Kurdish opposition continued to be deteriorated.
Today the Kurdish question remains to be enlisted as the unsolved question. Kurdish region continues to suffer from multiple oppressions. As a result of these problems, Kurdish culture remains to be only partially recognized. Even now Kurds continue to look for a possible chance to create their own state. Creation of a nation-state as a possible solution to The Kurdish problem seems to be the only reasonable way to solve the problem.
The concept of a Nation-State is used to signify a region, a state or a country that has its own borders and territory. A remarkable feature of such state that is called Nation-State is that it unites together people who share the same ethnic and cultural background. A particular feature of the notion of the Nation-State is that people who inhabit the territory might share the same language and religion. In addition, this group of people has a deep sense of cultural and national values.
The notion the nation-state is a very complicated notion. This is largely reasoned by the growing immigration rate who has already settled on the territory of the region. When the number of immigrants is high the Nation-State cannot exist. This is so because of the following reasons: (1) diverse cultures. (2) different language. (3) different ethnicity. Current research clearly shows that only nations with a low level of immigration can be classified as a Nation-State. Iceland is an example of such a state. This country has a very low level of immigration.