Kim Jung Eun as the Destiny of North Korea

This tiny country has often found itself at the center of the world stage, cast in a negative light by its rigid adherence to&nbsp.a closed economic policy that has refused to allow the country to be influenced by the world’s democratic policies or free-market policies. The third in line – Kim Jung Eun has already received bad press alleging the abuse of farming officials, in much the same vein as his father and grandfather. This essay will specifically analyse four articles from various newspapers in order to ascertain the indications which suggest that the third successor in the family may well influence the rest of the world in much the same way as his forbears did, continuing the totalitarian, undemocratic regime so that the people of North Korea remain relatively untouched by global influences.
Kim Il Jung first came to power when North Korea separated itself from the South and declared itself a separate country on 9th September 1948 in the post-IInd World War era. Availing of support from the Soviet Union, he instituted a series of economic and political reforms to convert North Korea into a Communist state, including the nationalization of Japanese property ( The subsequent war that broke out between North and South Korea was largely the result of political and ideological differences between the two countries, with each becoming aligned with one or the other of the superpowers. In the 1950s, Kin Il Sung instituted the “Juche” or self-reliance policy, giving rise to a rigid, state-controlled, economic system with high levels of military spending which has driven North Korea further and further into poverty. The situation deteriorated to the extent that the country was defaulting on all of its loans in the 1980s and still, the ruler refused to open the country’s borders and markets to international trade. When Kim Il Sung died, his son Kim Jong-il took control of the military but did not immediately assume the title of the head of state. Some high-level officials, however, who would have ascended to the post, died mysteriously and the son took on&nbsp.the mantle of General Secretary of North Korea’s Communist Party.