Katherina is not Tamed by Petruchio She Tamed by Herself

The play is concentrated mainly on women characters Katherina, Bianca, widow, etc. Among all Katherina’s transformation has been given more attention than the others. All the comic scenes are woven along with the incidents related to taming.

Katherina Continues to remain a sort of second importance to her father and younger sister, however, she has a depth in her character which could be understood while the plot procee150573_Taming.docds. Her transformation appears to be more of a situation oriented rather than an ultimate conversion in her character makes up. The gradual changes that take place in her stance though happen because of her husband, the intentional changes in her prove that she could have been a better woman too in the beginning if she had not been treated in a partial way by her father and others. Probably it is the way that others look at her that enhances her rough kind of behavior. As the play moves on it appears that she is really a good human being inside.

From the beginning of the play, Katherina’s characters are criticized by most of the men. Shakespeare gives a hint at Katherina’s nature in the very first scene of the play, allowing the audience to form a prejudice against her character. Where as Bianca, Katherina’s younger sister earns all the praise and appreciation of all by her beautiful looks and speech, however her approach towards her elder sister is of the same rude nature and this could be understood after her change of attitude after marriage. To the surprise of everyone in the play and the audience themselves, Bianca erases the expectations of others by her opposing behavior, by objecting to what her husbands say. Katherina, on the other hand, becomes a loyal and obedient wife and wins the appreciation of all at the end of the play, leaving the prejudices of others to think as false ones.
Gremio and Horentio both seemed to be engaged in the pursuit of getting the approval of Bianca to marry either one of them.