Journal 6

Mind gym Mind gym is a book written by Gary Mack with David Casstevens. This book talks about the importance of preparing the mind before indulging in any sports activity. However, this depends with the type of motivation and performance. I found find this book interesting because it relates to my field as an athlete. I must prepare my mind before joining any race. During this week, my weekly goal will depend on the set targets. I must try and do a three hour exercise which include jogging and yoga. Hurry slowly: this chapter talks about being fast in everything you do though very careful. However, the author’s main message states that an athlete should be very careful in whatever he/she does. On the other hand, Try easier is a chapter that reviews the importance of trying new ideas. The author’s main message is that an athlete should always easily try new things in his/her life. Simply observe is the third chapter that builds on the patience of an athlete. The author states that athletes should observe on what they really do not know. The bottom line is a chapter that encourages perfection. The author states that an individual should draw a bottom line for him/herself. Trust your stuff is another chapter that encourages to trust on what they do. The author’s main message is that athletes should always trust their activities. The guest speaker is known as Tyson Gay who is a well-known athlete. The questions include, what are the key challenges facing you as a professional athlete? What is your pre-game outline? Do you have set goals? What strategies do you use cool your mind down? What keeps you going even after facing challenges? (Mack and Casstevens).
Works cited
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