Joe the Villages Favorite

Joe always left home as hurriedly as he would arrive from school. Being an only child, his mother was so fond of him. On this day, Joe had left school early and changed his clothes. However, he neither joined his mother in the market nor was he in the garden. According to the neighbors, he left home and hurried in the direction of the market.
It was getting rather dark and Joe’s mother was worried that something had happened to her son. She set off asking the passersby and in her friend’s homes. Finding no relevant information regarding her son’s whereabouts, she decided to go to the next village. She asked a few people about any child found loitering in the village that same day. From one of the villagers, an old man who had retired from the military, a boy who met the description of Joe was at an abandoned house. The man led Joe’s mother to his homestead. Since he was known for his crazy antics, his mother was not surprised when she found him pinned to the clothesline in the backyard. However, all who were present were surprised by Joe’s explanation. Joe explained later that a few naughty boys had pinned him there when he declined an offer to smoke. Being underage and quite reasonable, everybody was amazed. His mother was proud of him and promised to protect him. In one accord, the villagers decided to hunt down and discipline the naughty boys to ensure they do not spoil any child in the area.