Jasmine a college student is taking five courses working a parttime internship and trying to keep


Jasmine, a college student, is taking five courses, working a part-time internship, and trying to keep

a high GPA so that she can enter graduate school. After staying up all night to complete her 15-page a term paper, Jasmine realizes that she forgot to four-page paper for her English class. Strapped for time and not wanting to damage her grade in the course, she remembers that she helped edit a paper from a friend of hers who took the English class with another professor last semester. She still has that paper in her Google docs folder. She remembers that the paper was quite good and that her friend received an A. Should she just hand in the paper as her own?

does the consideration reflects pre-conventional, conventional, or post-conventional thinking according to Kohlberg.

______ Whether the campus rules against some cheating should be respected.

______ How big the risk is that Jasmine will get caught

______ Whether it is fair to other students also applying to graduate school if Jennifer isn’t

caught and gets accepted instead of them partly due to turning in someone else’s essay

______ Other students in the class are cheating

______ Whether turning in a friend’s paper as her own will be best for her future career

______ Whether the friend would be academically hurt by using her paper

______ Whether she is violating the rights of the professor and other students in the class

by turning in the essay

______ Jasmine was busy writing another paper all on her own

what four considerations do you think are most important in deciding what to do. What would be most important in your moral decision making in this scenario.