Jain symbol

1. Dot inside the semi- circle The dot inside the semi circle depicts the abode of Siddh Loka or the abode of the liberated soul. 2. The semicircle The curved arc or the semi circle depicts the abode of the Siddhas.
3. The three dots
The three dots represent what are considered to be jewels as per the religion – right faith, right knowledge and right conduct according to which Jains are supposed to live their lives by.
4. The swastika
The swastika talks about the cycle of birth and death and the four sides of the symbol represent that one may be born as a human, animal, heavenly being or a hellish being. The four points of the swastika symbolize the four Gati: Triyanch (animal), Manushya (human), Dev (angel), and Narak (demon).
5. The hand
The raised hand means to ‘stop’ and the wheel in the hand or the charkha is a depiction of non violence and it urges people to stop and think before they turn their words into actions that they might regret.
6. The Circle within the hand
The circle within the hand depicts the cycle of birth and death which goes on in perpetuity depending upon the deeds of the individual.
7. The word in the middle of the hand
Ahmisa is written in the middle of the hand which means non violence. It enables people to encourage others to adopt the path of non violence as well as understand that they could be born into any of the four destinies as represented by the swastika, on the basis of their actions in their present lives.