Its on Shunsuke Nakamure the Japanese soccer player

other popular soccer players such as David Beckam and Wyne Rooney among others, who have constantly appeared on leading print and electronic media as a result of behaving poorly in the scrutiny of the public eye. Beckam and Rooney have in the past attracted multiple sex scandals, which have continued to portray them in a negative manner even though they are soccer celebrities (Fukasawa 2010 p 13).
Probably, this has not been the case with Nakamura due to the fact that he is a dedicated family man, who spends his free time with his family. This he accomplishes by accompanying them in nature walks in parks around the city, failure to which he would participate in bowling activities with his personal friends (Fukasawa 2010 p 16). Drinking of alcohol is considered by many as a major tool for socializing and meeting new friends as well as spending leisure time. However, the soccer guru does not subscribe to this school of thought. Despite the fact that he has the means and access to numerous pubs, it has been observed that he does not participate in drinking activities (Geddes 2009). Instead of doing so, he takes his time away from work to enjoy his hobbies which include and not limited to. playing computer games, watching Japanese movies more so because he is not well skilled in listening or conversing in English. He also plays guitar as well as listening to music and it has also been observed that he is a fan of Kung-fu and horse riding (Fukasawa 2010 p 22). Concentration on these activities can be credited for the player’s lack of media attention outside the football pitch and has also enabled him to remain one of the most respected football stars.
It is also necessary to note that Nakamura is always keen on observing healthy diet, in order to maintain his health as well as body shape. He perceives eating of fish, chips and drinking as bad behavior for professional footballers, one that according to him cannot be tolerated and is not popular in his country. He