It is thought that kinship or genetic relatedness between two individuals plays a role in the evolution of


It is thought that kinship, or genetic relatedness between two individuals, plays a role in the evolution of

cooperative and/or aruistic behaviors within some animal social groups. In order to determine the role of kinship, r must be calculated. Recall that the coeffecient of relatedness (r) is the probability that the homologous alleles in two individuals are identical by descent.

What is the coefficient of relatedness between my father’s full sister and me?

A.If there is inbreeding , the individuals of a social group
may have very high degrees of genetic relatedness .
But if WE assume no inbreeding . and thus random
mating , we have the following values for r in human
populations :`
Identical twins
Genetic clones
Full siblings
Parent – child
Half – siblings
Uncle. nephew
Aunt – niece*
Uncle – niece
Aunt- nephew
Grandparent- grandchild
First cousins
1/ 8
Husband – wife
Unrelated individuals