Isaiah verse 1 12 1

God expresses his anger towards those who try to bribe him using sacrifices that he may let them continue with their sins and save them from punishment. In the second chapter God goes beyond Judah and promises his judgment for the entire universe, promising the wicked anguish in a punishment that would purify the land of the wicked and save the just and righteous. God, through Isaiah, promises “the day of the Lord,” when those who are proud will be ashamed and suffer. There are questions concerning the authorship of the entire book of Isaiah, with some suggesting that it could have been contributed towards by different authors (Bratcher, 2015). However, the first and the second chapter show a clear flow of events, thus indicating that it was authored by one individual.
The first verse of the first chapter of the book of Isaiah includes an addition of the editor aimed at identifying the prophet of God in the book and the circumstances that underlie his ministry. It is important to note that the name Isaiah means “the Lord’s salvation”, giving a glimpse of the mission of God towards saving his people, and clearly indicating that the people had turned away from God for them to need salvation (Young, 1992). The chapter involves a series of oracles that collected at different periods during the ministry of Isaiah. The people of Israel had lost their way and intended to establish alliances and political alignments with other nations that served pagan gods such as Egypt and Assyria (Kickert, 2009). God sent Isaiah to speak God’s voice among the people of Israel to remind them of their origin, and what God expected of them. In this first chapter, Isaiah used animals such as Ox and Ass considering their stubbornness and stupidity to define the failure of the Israelites to heed the voice of God. Israel was a term that was used by various prophets