Introduction to Islam

They came with the same message of worshiping none but God and to believe in him. Noah, Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many more were sent to spread the message of God and follow the book sent by God which Messengers and Prophets followed and make no divisions but remain steadfast in religion.
Being chosen by God (Istifa) is not about possessing skills in qualifying for being Prophet but the Messengers and the Prophets are chosen by God himself and carry a message from God to mankind with support from God. The best from mankind is chosen as God’s Messenger. God has sent messenger like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Noah with a solemn covenant to spread the message of God and his book with the message God is well-acquainted with what people do and stoop before his will.
The Messengers conveyed to the common people that God is one, all should stand true to God. ask for His forgiveness. Also, they make it clear that no one’s life is permanent as every soul will test death. Prophets are virtuous people and supported by Gods miracle, the perfect model for all.