Introducation to computer science assingment

Introduction to computer science Q5. The multi stage programming language enables the programmers to use the mechanism of abstraction such as the modules, functions and the objects. The array of the pointers that are capable of being inter-linked to different structures helps the programmer to avoid having accidental captures as the bound variables are always renamed(Finkel,1996). The interlinking of the arrays in the structure enhances the reasoning on the quoted terms even in the settings that is untyped.This makes it easy for the programmers to access the elements that are in the array.
Q6. The value that can be retrieved from the table by the pop instruction is 11 C. this is because it is possible to get the pointer in to the first element of the vector through incrementing this pointer in order to access the second pointer. The value that will be found in the pointer after the pop operation is 12 A. on the other hand, the deque is not a guarantee of a contiguous storage which contains the same elements (10, 11 12) and getting the pointer to the first element does not guarantee that you will get access to the second pointer by incrementing the pointer (Finkel, 1996)
Q7. Assuming that the stricture above represents a queue, the value that will be removed from the queue is 14.this is because it is obtained after several increments of 10. The head pointer will next point at 13 which will be the value before 14.
The queue will appear as follows when Z is introduced.
Address Contents
10 Z
11 F
12 C
13 A
14 B
15 E
Q8. This is a complete tree and the value 54 is the valid value for the tree.
/ \
56 59
/ \ / \
60 54 62 65
When the value 54 is null, the binary diagram of the tree will be,
/ \
111 112

Q9. A binary tree without the pointers will look like this.
* 55 is the root node.
*In order to obtain the left child of a certain index, we multiply the current index 2 and we add 1. *for us to get the right child on this specific index, we multiply the current index by 2 and then we add 2.
*to obtain the parent of a certain index, we subtract one and divide by two. The remainder is then thrown away.
Q10. The reference data types are used to refer to objects while the primitive data types usually contain some values. Some of the example of primitive data type includes the byte, int Boolean and the float.
Q11. When writing a chessboard structure that has an 8-by-8 grid, the programmer can consider using arrays that contains chess like structure which is a two dimension array. In order to store the position of the chess piece. The two dimension array is used in pinpointing individual elements in the array (Finkel, 1996)
Finkel, R. A. (1996). Advanced programming language design. Menlo Park, Calif. [u.a.: Addison-Wesley.