Internationalization of a Multinational Firm into an Emerging Economy Context

71750 This study aimed at analyzing its efforts to enter China, taking advantages of its emerging economic prospects. Strategies play a decisive role in assisting organizations towards performing their respective business operations in both domestic and international markets, preserving adequate effectiveness. In this regard, relating to the above-stated research title or topic, internationalization strategy, also acknowledged as global strategy, refers to a particular theory based on which, the business firms can acquire a brief understanding about how to compete and offer standardized products and/or services to the customers on a worldwide basis. Based on the above-portrayed research title, it can be affirmed that the firms adopting internationalization strategies are often able to reap certain benefits that further tends to rejuvenate their competitive stance to a considerable extent. These benefits include enlarged market size, attainment of superior economies of scale and most vitally, the accomplishment of superior competitive positioning. In this present day context, wherein the market environment is incessantly changing due to increased level of internationalization, globalization, as well as liberalization, firms operating in varied industries, are identified to be adopting internationalization strategies at an extensive rate and performing activities with the aim of establishing their respective businesses in emerging economies.