International Monetary Fund

What do the terms “flat world” and “spiky world” mean
Flat world means due to improvements in technology, every sector both commercial and non-commercial have a level playing ground. Spiky world implies that people live in a world where discrimination or bias is the order of the day.

2.&nbsp.The IMF is a firm or organization of more than 180 countries working together to attain a world monetary cooperation. World Bank is a global source of technical and financial assistance to the third world or developing countries.

3. Time-space compression” is one definition of globalization. What does it mean?
It means different things to diverse people but the most vital aspect is the economic dimension of globalization, which has led to opening up of economies to global competition, giving room to ideas, goods, capital, and people to interact and move freely between countries
4.&nbsp.Free market, justice to all people, and personal freedom are elements of neoliberalism. It relates to the Washington consensus in the sense that it encourages economic policies that aimed to reform and repair the damaged economies of third world countries.

5. Why does Jeffrey Sachs think extreme poverty can be eliminated, and why do the makers of the movie The End of Poverty? disagree with him
He thinks so because via education and government accountability poverty can be eliminated but the movie End of Poverty disagrees because corruption and poor policies to eradicate poverty do not exist. In sum, the government is not committed to eliminating poverty.

6. In Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion, what are the “four traps” and how do they keep countries stuck in poverty
The gaps include human trafficking, lack of education, overpopulation and corruption. These gaps make leaders in developing countries fail to take responsibility for their actions.

7. According to Collier, why has globalization left the bottom billion behind?

8. What is R2P and why is it controversial
It is a belief that nations that they have the responsibility to protect its population and resources. It is controversial because states have failed to protect their population which has resulted in murder and massive atrocities.

9. What is ODA, and how can it help Africa
It means official development assistance. It can help Africa via funding of various projects such as infrastructure and education.

10. What impact has Invisible Children had in (A) the United States and (B) in Africa?
In the U.S, it has ensured that every child has attended school while in Africa it is trying to call for the government to enroll more children to schools.