International Human Resource Management

The ever-changing environment reminds us that, for a business to survive, it has to concentrate on its core competencies to be ahead of the competitors. The concept of Strategic Human Resource Management has changed keeping in mind to be sustainable in this world of high cut-throat competitions. Human resource management (HRM) involves all management activities and decisions that directly or indirectly keep marks on the human capital of the company. HRM is full of different strategies, in the other way HRM at the strategic level is called SHRM.
SHRM implies different aspects of an organization. First, it gives importance to the human resources which are a differentiator among the competitors. Secondly, it gives a clear idea about the process and goal of the company. Third, it reflects different HR programs. The main aim of SHRM is to be successful through human capital. SHRM helps the organization to get skilled, dedicated and motivated human capital. It also helps a company to retain its valuable workforce. There are lots of elements are related to SHRM. Those are discussed below. SHRM creates a transformation among the staff. It brings certain changes among the staff. Those are team building, global perspective, strategic planning. SHRM also brings transformations in organizational structures. The hr policy will maybe centralize or decentralized. It would be guided by SHRM. It is a discipline which enlightens different practices, ideas, concepts keeping in line with HRM tactical planning, philosophy, activities and long term goal of the company. SHRM gives great guidelines on how to lay the strong base for strategic advantages by the creation of effective organizational structure and design culture, the value proposition of the workforce. The appropriate communication strategy also can be prepared for a changing landscape. It gives&nbsp.great importance to ethics, codes, business decision, and societal effects. It can be taken as a quality of life enhancer for employees.&nbsp.