Intelligence Activities

Will these changes improve the knowledge of intelligence agencies on immigrants? Will illegal immigration be contained?
With numerous threats from the East in regards to security in the U.S, does the HUMINT have appropriate programs that ay curb any form of confrontation at the interest of the United States?
On more than one occasion the United States has been threatened by nations in the East in possession of nuclear weapons. These threats should be seriously considered and appropriate programs are put in place to protect the interest of the United States in case of any hostility. But are these Programs protection enough? Do the nations in the East respect the authoritative mandate of the United States2?
How durable are the HUMINT programs in ensuring both the internal and external security in the United States?
There are queries on the period that the HUMINT programs will be relevant in terms of protecting the United States. With the rise of nations in the East, how long will it take the rising powers to overrule the international mandate of the United States? For instance, the case of North Korea nuclear weapons was a sign of how determined other nations could be determined to dictate the global security situation.