Integrating Freedom Democracy and Human Rights

Rivers located near farms barely reach the sea, and if they manage it is always diminutive. This ultimately leads to a decrease in water tables.
As much as the supply of water is constant, the water levels can be controlled in some ways. That is delivery and storage, watering farms, purification of seawater and let the mechanism of price to balance supply and demand. The most important way to solve the scarcity is to increase the price of water to be in line with the increased demand (Puthenkalam 34).
The overall number of patients waiting for transplants currently is at 114, 650. Additionally, the number of patients waiting for a kidney transplant is the highest. These high numbers are explained by the fact that creating a legal market for these transplants may lead to an upsurge of illegal markets handling these transplants (UNOS). Legalizing a transplant market would also increase instances of stolen organs as a result of innocent civilians getting drugged and mugged and their organs removed. Lastly, an organ market will make the rich be in charge of buying organs from the poor (UNOS).