Inside Mecca

One aspect of the film that I found intriguing was the fact that people, diverse and from different regions, treat each other like brothers and sisters. This aspect is brought out in the manner in which individuals relate to each other while at the center of worship. The process of carrying out some rituals is to bring out the humble nature of the Muslims. Their humble nature is brought out with their coming together to worship and achieve a common goal.
Despite common stereotypes about the Muslim and their faith, they seem to be humble are respectful of their religion, as well as others. They are not the rebel instigators people paint them out to be, who wage war against other religions. They are peaceful people, but only a handful of radical individuals give them a poor reputation. No religion in the world preaches or advocates for violence. Islam is not the first to have one of these principles that rule their lives. It is time individuals around the world gave them the respect they deserve.