Inside Job and 2008 Crisis

It appears that during the early stages of the transition financial sector was favored by politicians. however, during the times of crisis, considerable pressure was exerted over political forces by the previously favored financial sector. The role of academics in this regard is also controversial since the income of many such figures is largely based on their work as consultants mainly involved in favoring the working of the financial sector.
In my opinion, this whole move which started taking its shape in the 80s was a very well planned action which was taken by the learned elite of the society. Their knowledge of fiscal issues coupled with the mal-intent of politicians aimed at targeting the natural greed of a common person. money was used as a tool to convert opposition into friendliness. The ultimate result was the formation of a high-rise mountain of gold which filled the pockets of those who planned it. leaving the others bankrupt and deprived.&nbsp.