Information Technology and Moral Philosophy

In the case of networks for the website, one of the things, which need to be addressed, is whether the website will comprise of an intranet, in this case for use within the university or one, which will cover a larger audience such as the whole world. In this case, the website ought to be developed in such a way that the whole world can be in a position to access information that is related to the university. At the same time, there ought to be elements within the website, which can serve to be of benefit to the individuals in the university. An example, in this case, can be the services such as those related to the library, which is only accessible to the individuals who are associated with the university such as current students and members of staff. The network also needs to be one which can support significant amounts of data due to the downloads and uploads of documents and content which will be conducted by the users.&nbsp.
The network hardware is another area, which ought to be taken into consideration. In this case, the hardware ought to be consistent with the current technology, which is implemented in the case of networking and websites. For example, the routers, which are used, ought to be in a position to support multiple computers or nodes without failure. At the same time, the computers that will be used have to be supportive of the present technology. The specifications on these computers have to be rather high due to the high amount of activities, which they will be undertaking. The processor and RAM, for example, have to be capable of supporting various programs and processes concurrently. If this is done, the university will minimize costs significantly especially those that are occasioned by frequent repair and maintenance of hardware.
On the part of the software, they ought to be those that support various activities that range from personal to business elements. This is something, which should start from the operating itself as the most basic software on the computer. At the same time, the software that will be implemented has to be rather easy for the users to use. If this is not the case, then the university may have a rather difficult time in carrying out its activities in the future because the employees are not conversant with the software. Still, on the case of software, the organization should be dynamic in its implementation of computer software for meeting the changing needs and expectations in the business operations.
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