Individual Paper(Gold Mining CompanyVale)

Vale SA is also considered as the largest producer of nickel metal. Vale is a company that also produces copper, ferroalloys, manganese, kaolin, bauxite, potash, aluminum, as well as alumina. Under the electronic energy sector, Vale SA participates in a consortium that currently operates approximately 9 hydroelectric power projects (Anac and Gozen, 2003).
Currently, the shares of the company are trading in the stock markets of New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Madrid, as well as Hong Kong. The ownership of this company is found in the form 20-A US SEC. A smaller portion of this company is under the ownership of the Brazilian government. Another significant portion of the company’s shares is held by the Brazilian national pension fund. Agtmael (2007) explains that the foreign activities of Vale SA are always based on the Cayman Islands. This is because the Island is a tax haven for multinational companies operating in it. This paper analyzes the financial position of Vale SA in the eyes of an investor who is out to acquire the company. In analyzing the financial position of this company, the researcher will use the tools of financial analysis, and this includes the use of financial ratios. In interpreting the financial performance of this company, the researcher will also analyze the micro-economic performance of the company, as well as its global performance. This paper uses the financial statement of Vale Mining Company, for the year 2013.
Vale SA was an organization that was owned by the Brazilian government, until 1997 when the company was privatized. In 2001, the company developed a plan of diversifying its operations that made it to transform into a big mining company. However, Agtmael (2007) denotes that the company has not managed to diversify its activities beyond the production of iron ore, and other related metals. Sagebien (2011) goes on to denote that Vale SA is the