In this module we learned about the operation of a business This is the core purpose of its existence and can


In this module, we learned about the operation of a business. This is the core purpose of its existence, and can

take one of two forms: service or manufacturing. In order to be successful, the business must be able to operate in a cost effective manner while still providing a quality service or product.

1.What type of goods or services does your focus company currently produce/provide? how the company uses technology in either its inventory management or production processes. Provide some specific examples in your response.

2.Describe the tools your focus company uses to maintain its commitment to manufacturing a product or providing a service of the highest quality? Give at least three (3) examples.

3.Assume your company wished to open a new production facility location. What types of human resource decisions and other factors must be considered in the selection of a new facility location for your company?

*company focus Microsoft