“Improving MMCs Patient Satisfaction &amp

Health Care Quality through Spirituality Manchester Medical" Manchester Medical Center (MMC), an accredited health care provider of Joint Commission Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHCO), received a ranking of 75th percentile on the category “meeting emotional and spiritual needs of the patients”. This provided the impetus for the CEO to delve into the theories, concepts and practical applications of spirituality and spiritual care in conjunction with health care. There are strategic measures needed to improve the situation.
First and foremost, the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the present system is imperative to determine the courses of action to be undertaken. A formulation of a “spiritual care” committee is needed. This committee would review, evaluate, analysis, plan, implement, control and monitor the new health care system which would incorporate spiritual care. Strategies to be developed would always be concurrent with the requirements of JCAHCO, especially in the category of meeting emotional and spiritual needs of the patients.
Moreover, MMC should consider that their present and future staff requirements would be oriented to the new program and be qualified to handle various spiritual needs. Training is of utmost importance to ensure that the level of competence and knowledge to updated theories and concepts on spirituality are ingrained in MMC’s workforce. The success of this endeavor would only be possible with the joint efforts of all the staff, from the nurses, physicians, clergy and top management of MMC.