Impact of work life imbalance on the productivity of workers in Saudi public sector

Acknowledgement Acknowledgement The completion of this project has been one of the major academic challenges for me. It would not have been possible without assistance and guidance of the people around me. Without their support, wisdom and commitment keep me motivated to attain highest standards of this academic project. I express my gratitude to all those people whose commitment, crisis and advices persuades me to successfully accomplish my project. Firstly, I would mention the name of Dr. Naif-al-Roumi (director of General Education) whose great vision, knowledge and assistance has inspired and keep me motivated. Secondly, Dr Claire Armstrong, my supervisor, whose guidance, academic and professional commitments allowed me to overcome the obstacles.
In addition, I would note the name of Dr. Christine Cross who is my course leader. With his supervision and assistance, I was able to develop a broader vision to develop my understanding. Also, I would like to thank my parents and family who supported me throughout my working period. Finally, friends who have been there to stay motivated and perform well even under pressure.
Participation information sheet
Name: ______________________________________________
Subject: _____________________________________________
It is to invite you to participate in the study that is conducted to determine the impacts of work life imbalance on the productivity of workers in Saudi. The main purpose of this study is to determine the impacts of work imbalances and its influences on the performance of the workers in the region. It shall investigate how the workplace affects the performance of employees. The participants that were selected for the project were mainly the workers in the different public sectors(Baisai &amp. Madondo, 2013). However, your participation shall be greatly appreciated. it is up to you to participate in the study.
Baisai, B., &amp. Madondo. (2013). How to write a Dissertation. London: AuthorHouse.