Impact of English and TESOL in the Middle East

As the report stresses the institutions that use English as a Foreign Language are broadly divided into two categories. The first category is institutions that teach the English language as a foreign language in non-English speaking countries. These institutions maybe international or local in nature and may conduct all their learning in English or offer it as a language course. The second category is learning institutions in English speaking countries, which tutor foreign learners to use English. The foreign learner maybe a student that is enrolled in a formal learning institution in pursuit of certification or an immigrant who enrolls in English classes in order to gain the use of the English language for daily living.
According to the paper the discovery of oil in the gulf countries made it necessary for them to engage in economic activities with the rest of the world that were mainly English speaking. In fact, most of the imported labor that was needed was English speaking and therefore made it necessary for businesspersons to learn the language. The technological advances in the world have changed it into a global village, which has forced many to learn English, which is the most commonly, used language in the world. The internet and globalization has bought on a change of lifestyle changes around the world. This has brought an awareness of goods and services around the world via the internet and media.&nbsp.