Images of Organisation

A team-based approach to organizational development involves the creation of working groups who will be responsible for creating segments of finished work and improving the manner in which the members of the team interact with each other in order to ensure that the team activity goals and objectives are achieved. The team-building process that is being recommended by the Consultant in this instance, is a six-step process. During team building, new working models are developed to improve organizational effectiveness to cope successfully with changes in the environment. As pointed out by Senior and Fleming(2006), organizational systems operate in three kinds of the environment – the temporal, external and internal environments. It is only through the interaction of these elements that the triggers of change can be activated in order to successfully bring about organizational changes.
Based on the reading of the case study, it does not appear that the managers fully understand all the aspects involved in team building. They did not possess the good of what is involved in the process at the outset. While improving interactions between members are one aspect of team building, a more accurate description of team building would be the development of independent teams who work in regular sessions to engage in problem-solving. (Moxon, 1997:30). Hence, the managers do not appear to have correctly understood the nature of team building. Thirdly, in order to successfully bring about organizational changes, there must be an interaction between the internal and external environments. The managers appear to be ignoring this fundamental driver of change when they are keen to carry out the team building themselves, as a purely internal process without much input from external.