I look forward to see your analysis and insights 1 How do market drivers and trends factor


I look forward to see your analysis and insights.

1.How do market drivers and trends factor

into the development of a successful positioning strategy for JFFD in West Hollywood?

2.What market needs or pain points does JFFD address specifically with its product and open kitchen model?

3. Does JFFD’s messaging strategy have a global appeal or does it need to be adapted for success in the West Hollywood market?

4.What role does the retail concept (e.g., open kitchen) play in supporting the brand’s position? Is this an important element for the brand in its new West Hollywood location?

5.What role could JFFD’s promotional elements play in creating awareness of JFFD’s relevant message among the West Hollywood community of dog lovers?

And here is the book that is being used in this class

Principles of Marketing, by Kotler Armstrong, 16Running head: CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Case Study Analysis
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August 02, 2017 1 CASE STUDY ANALYSIS 2 Case Study Analysis
1. A positioning strategy is a marking design or…